Dr. C. Everett Koop

Mom has had 2 bouts with congestive heart failure and each time the Life Alert service response has been quick and concerned. Your personnel stayed on the line until the paramedics arrived continually asking of her well being. Thank you. 
A.D., Fort Pierce, FL

I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, fell and couldn't get up. I pushed the button for Life Alert and a policeman and medical unit came to my home quickly. I felt ok so I didn't go to the hospital. I got up again and got to the bathroom; I was sort of confused and pushed the button. The medics came and took me to the hospital. At the hospital they said I had a heart attack. 
V. H., Saint Louis, MO

I was having a heart attack, so I pressed my Life Alert button and the operator stayed on the line. The fire department was here in five minutes. They were able to talk to the operator who gave them information on my medical condition, medication and allergies. The firemen were impressed with your service. Thanks. 
S. S., Clackamas, OR

My blood pressure was very low and I had trouble walking and a sense of breathing hard. I had been vomiting and diarrhea, and wasn't going to go to the ER. But I'm glad I went. The ambulance was quick to get here and was very nice. The Life Alert saved my life. I have congestive heart failure so it was an emergency and operators were great in getting help here soon. 
J. G., Savoy, IL

After my 2nd round of chemo began, I developed congestive heart failure. 3 times I've needed Life Alert services. This last time, June 4th, they were called. Once again their service was exceptional. Their skill and training is excellent and their ability to put the patient at ease in a critical time. God bless them. 
M. M., Hollidaysburg, PA

My husband has congestive heart failure. He was having problems breathing and swallowing. Life Alert had paramedics to the house to care for my husband and transport him to the hospital where he spent 4 days. So far he is feeling very well with home care. Thank you. 
M. C., North Olmsted, OH

My mom lives by herself, and I was taking care of her affairs. I heard about this Life Alert on T.V. So I decided to get it for mom. 1 day after it was installed in her home she had a heart attack. She was able to press her necklace and the emergency team was there to take her to hospital. 
L. C., Woodlake, CA

I live alone and at around 5:00 a.m. I woke up and could hardly breathe. I hit the Life Alert button. The operator was immediately on the box, called an ambulance and the first 2 people on my call list. All were there in 15 minutes. It turned out to be a heart attack. Your quick response was a life saver.  
W. W., West Union, SC

I had a heart attack and Life Alert came promptly and took excellent care of me. Shortly after that I had a seizer from low blood sugar and was very combative and they still gave me excellent treatment. I would highly recommend Life Alert they do a wonderful job. 
P. M., Warren, OH

I am a WW2 disabled veteran suffering with PTSD syndrome. From time to time I suffer PTSD reactions that are uncontrollable. When I awoke from a very horrible nightmare I realized it had caused a minor heart attack. I immediately pressed my Life Alert button and the emergency crew detected my problem and rushed me to the hospital. 
W. G., Whiting, NJ

I had a heart attack and within minutes of pushing the Life Alert button, EMS arrived. I could not respond. EMS communicated with Life Alert on the speaker box. If it would have taken 5 minutes longer, I would not have made it. Thank you so much for the quick response. 
P. D., Spring, TX

My husband had a massive heart attack on March 27, 2011. Life Alert was speedy in notifying the list of people that we gave them. Help was available in record time. We went to the hospital and stayed until May 4, 2011. Thank you for the wonderful help. 
S. E., San Augustine, TX

My mother age 91 ½ had a heart attack around 4 a.m. If not for the noise of Life Alert talking to mother we would not have heard her (on the other side of the house). They called the ambulance and probably saved her life. We thank all of you. Mom is still in rehab but doing good.
C. B., Carriere, MS

I don't know what I would have done without my Life Alert. I have fallen on my face several times. One time I needed nine stitches and a second time I needed 4 stitches. Another time my heart stopped and Life Alert arrived quickly to take me to the hospital. I got a pace maker after and now I am doing much better. Your people were wonderful. I use this service quite a few times. Thanks so much for all your help. 
J. R., Dundalk, MD

My father had congestive heart failure. We called Life Alert and they answered very quickly. They called the ambulance which got here very quickly. The operator stayed with us till ambulance got here. Everyone was very prompt and very helpful. Thank you very much. 
D. D., Mill Hall, PA

I pushed my Life Alert button and it was answered immediately. They called for help which came at once and one worked on my vitals and another worked with Life Alert for the information on file. I was rushed to the hospital where I was found to have had a heart attack which required a stent. I'm doing fine and home now. Thank you. 
L. P., San Antonio, TX

I was having a heart attack. The lady from Life Alert was very, very compassionate and speaking softly and was kind. The ambulance was here in 5 minutes. The lady stayed on the speaker even when paramedics were here. It helped to calm me down, even though I was in extreme pain. I do recommend Life Alert to all people. 
B. F., Cocoa, FL